¡ The Mencia is the best wine, and displays a BUTTON !




Get to know the new facility, one of the wineries in the more traditional birthplace, that for the years beyond 70 and elaborated on what is now the center of Ponferrada grapes grown in the surrounding towns to this, as Los Barrios de Salas, Villar Field Lombillo, Molinaseca, Columbrianos, etc.

Currently, following the family tradition that began my grandparents about work well done in the winery and in the vineyard mino offer our wines and winery.

MOLINASECA Winery nestled in one of the most charming villages of Bierzo in which we have the most modern means of production and aging of our wines Godello and Mencia grown and processed in an environmentally friendly way.

Today's philosophy is to be a small winery capable of producing grapes from 12 hectares of vineyards and some growers in the area, and transmit their wines complexity and beauty that surrounds us in the Bierzo.

Where glad to receive them and invite to a tasting of our wines. We have well-marked entrances, garden and parking.



Located 6 km from the capital of Bierzo, forced the pilgrimage route stop, or Way of St. James, to rest and recuperate in its extensive network of hotels, cottages, restaurants and wineries, where in addition to our wines you will taste the varied food, natural products and good orchard berciana sausages such as chorizo ??and botillo.

Molina possible views Area: Roman bridge with its natural pool in the river, Royal Street, trekking Bridges as The Malpaso, Compludo, the valley of silence, Peñalba Santiago, Ponferrada or pith.